12 of the most breathtaking drone photos of 2015

WITH THEIR UNIQUE perspective, high-flying drones can turn even the most plain-looking location into a seemingly impossible scene.

Dronestagram, a social network where drone users can upload and share their best photographs, just published the best photos it received during 2015, as rated by users.

From camel races in Dubai to breathtaking views of cityscapes, here are the site’s top 12 aerial photos from 2015.

All pictures have been sourced from Dronestagram. 

A cliff diver risks his life leaping off the Plazuela Sanchez Taboada in Mazatlan, Mexico.

drones - 2Source: Alejandro Ochoa/Dronestagram

This fishing hole, drilled in a frozen lake in Turgoyak, Russia, “looks like a human eye from above,” says its photographer.

drones - 3Source: Dronestagram/Maksim Tarasov

Camels cast shadows during the annual Al Marmoum Camel Race in Dubai.

drones - 4Source: Dronestagram/Shoayb

The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from above.

drones - 5Source: Dronestagram/Alexandre Salem

Wedding guests pose during a ceremony in Aburi, Ghana.

drones - 7Source: Dronestagram/aeroshutter

Here’s a view of the Amalfi Bay in Italy from a drone’s perspective.

drones - 8Source: Dronestagram/Dronarium

Receding tides make Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France look like a tiny sandcastle.

drones - 9Source: wanaiifilms/Dronestagram

Students at the Jaguares Football Club in Mexico.

drones - 10Source: Dronestagram/jelipegomez

Visitors wave from the Lost island in Tahaa, French Polynesia.

drones - 11Source: Dronestagram/Marama Photo Video

A river of mud engulfed the Brazilian village of Minas Gerais after a mining dam burst.

drones - 12Source: Dronestragram/Alexandre Salem

The wide open fields of the Xiwei Reservoir in Shandong, China.

drones - 13Source: Dronestagram/AmbroseLune

Fog creeps in over the buildings in Maringa, Brazil.

drones - 14Source: Dronestagram/Ricardo Matiello

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