All drone activity are monitored in Dubai

All commercial drones are being tracked through a live streaming video available through an online portal available to authorities and private companies.

The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has introduced a tracking device that can be fitted onto newer and smaller drones, so that they can be tracked via a live stream.

The tracking is to ensure that the drones do not fly into the no-fly zone areas such as the airports, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority power plants, Dubai World Central, Marina and Skydive and Minbad Air Base.

Officials can monitor drone activities through a live stream video in control room, and if they’re not in the office, they can still monitor through their mobile phones. If a restricted area has been breached by a drone, authorised personnel will also receive an alert on their phones.

“The UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) technology is developing at such a rapid rate, we need to measure that the public is well informed and we need to stay in touch with the technology,” the head of airspace safety section at the DCAA,” head of airspace safety section at the DCAA, Michael Rudolph said.

“In other words, we need to stay in touch with the developers of this technology in terms of where they’re going so that we can develop the framework of regulations around that, so it’s very important to stay up to date with the technology.

“The framework of regulations is changing virtually on every quarter because the technology is improving that much. The technology is getting smaller, the camera devices on the drones are getting better so we need to adapt.”

Meanwhile, more than 70 drone enthusiasts registered their drones for free at the first day of the Unmanned Aerial System Forum in Dubai.

Being held at the Palazzo Versace Hotel, drone owners had to take a written exam, as well as a practical flying test in order to get their drone licence.

The cost to register a drone and obtain a pilot licence can cost anywhere between Dh350 to Dh950, however, residents had a unique opportunity to register for free during the forum.