A Look Back At The Drone Industry In 2017

Let’s Take A Look Back At The Drone Industry In 2017

As we look back on stories and videos of 2017 (and some of our old favorites), the UAV Expert News team wants to wish you a very happy new year and thank you for working with us over the years. We are all entrepreneurs here, working to support our families in an exciting, but tough and ever-changing industry. We do appreciate you “choosing” to work with us.

If you are new to our site, UAV Expert News and UAV Experts, our sister companies also include UAV Ground School, and Atlanta Hobby, which is one of the top volume suppliers in the USA. We are not just a box moving company, and we fully support all of our products. We are one of the original DJI Tier 1 enterprise distributors and are the only supplier that has been in the unmanned business since 1978. Our company is considered a sole source, or “full circle supplier”, meaning we supply factory direct equipment, fleet management, flight training, and FAA test prep or COA work. No other company offers all four of these specialties, nor has any been in the unmanned business as long as we have.

You made it through the holidays, hopefully with lots of love, laughter, and cheer – hopefully, we saved you a few bucks, provided you with updated info on the UAV industry and helped you get some time on the sticks! Now it’s time to start 2018. So get ready!

We wish you nothing but the best!
Fly Safe! Please fly AND be responsible!

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