Activists Send Drone to Drop Leaflets Over NSA Complex in Germany

Intelexit / YouTube

Here’s a twist: An activist group is using drone warfare tactics to combat the military-industrial complex, instead of vice versa. Intelexit is a German group that promotes the resignation of intelligence officers from the agencies they work for. It was just officially founded last week.

As part of the group’s launch, the activists flew a UAV over the Dagger Complex, a small military base in Germany that acts as a local headquarters for the NSA, dropping leaflets outlining the reasons they think people in the secret services should quit.

Intelexit has also placed mobile billboards outside German and British intelligence headquarters with such taglines as “No more paranoia,” “Listen to your heart, not to private phonecalls,” and “Complicit in mass surveillance and drone wars? Exit intelligence.”

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‘Illegal Spying Below’ Activists Fly Anti-NSA Blimp 1:10

Whether these tactics have any real effect on the agencies’ morale or the rate of people dropping out is anyone’s guess. But the organization hopes that its presence will encourage those thinking of leaving to actually do so.