Adelaide company MySky Technologies has invented a drone to kill enemy drones

AN ADELAIDE company has developed superfast drones with razor-sharp propellers that can smash into enemy drones in a kamikaze attack.

Defence is increasingly worried about drones being used by terrorist group ISIS and in lone wolf attacks. MySky Technologies will pitch their solution to the Army in Canberra next week. The “drone killer” runs straight into the enemy drone at 250km/h, destroying it.

Steve Auch-Schwelk, CEO and Counter-Drone Architect, said there was a range of uses for the technology.

“In the battlefield, we’ve got an asymmetric threat which is where some non-state actors like ISIS would be able to buy relatively low-cost drones through the internet or even off the shelf and they can then militarise them,” he said.

“They strap bombs to them. Mortars or grenades. Then there are state actors. The big unmanned aerial vehicles.”

Animation shows soldier launching drone attack

A MySky animation shows a soldier pulling the tiny, can-sized drone from his kit and launching it to take out a much larger enemy surveillance vehicle. Their five-year plan is to develop other ways to take down enemy drones in public, civilian settings. They have also developed a sensor suite that will be able to monitor all the drones in an area, mounted on other drones or poles.

“If you don’t want killer drones flying around your football stadium or Rundle Mall, then you could still have these sensor suites… then you can send in security or police,” Mr Auch-Schwelk said.

MySky Drone Master Eric Freund and CEO and Counter-Drone Architect Steve Auch-Schwelk. Picture: Sarah Reed
There is also the possibility of scanning people in a crowd to spot enemies. MySky wants SA to become a Drone Centre of Excellence, to take advantage of the growing sector which uses high-value manufacturing.

MySky Engineering Manager — AKA “Drone Master” Eric Freund — said that would create a focal point for people to network and work together.

“Not only is it about the technology that’s available; it’s a centre for collaboration,” he said. “Having a place where people can get together allows that to grow exponentially.”

A suspected ISIS drone bomb attack.
MySky Technologies was picked as a top-10 start-up by the Techstars global network, which means a cash injection and support from established industry leaders.

Manufacturing and Innovation Minister Kyam Maher met with the team recently. “I saw MySky pitch at the first ever TechStars demonstration day in Adelaide recently and I have to say, just like the other participants, they impressed me a lot,” he said.