AV News: Drone Hacking

The explosion of the drone industry has given the power of flight to your everyday consumer. Some drone operators want more out of their drone then what comes stock out of the box. Enter Drone Hacking. Hackers have found ways to get around manufactures safe gaurds which allow drones to lfy twice the speed and get around NFZ restrictions. We take a closer look at drone hacking and what companies are doing to combat the potential threat. Companies like CopterSafe are offering software updates for your drone to remove its stock safeguards. This gives more freedom to the pilot to use their drone however they want but it also provides a headache for safety officials. We spoke with DJI’s North American Spokesperson Adam Lisberg about Hacking and what DJI’s responsibility is on the matter. Other Companies such as DeDrone are using innovative technology to stop hacked drones. Their systems are preventing rogue drones from flying into the most high level NFZ’s such as Sporting events and Maximum Security Prisons. As the drone technology evolves we will count on innovative companies to help keep the public safe.

From: https://dronelife.com/2017/09/21/av-news-drone-hacking/