Bad Idea! Bad Idea! Flamethrower Drone Roasts Turkey

In a YouTube video (see below) posted earlier this week, which earns instant nomination to the Terrible Idea Hall of Fame, an oversized quadcopter hovers at about chest height and shoots jets of flame in a wooded area for four straight minutes.

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In an apparent effort to suggest a practical application for the device, the flamethrower drone is aimed at a “holiday turkey” mounted on a spit above a fire pit. The immolation demonstration is recorded with several different cameras, including at least one mounted on the drone itself.

Austin Haughwout, the 18-year-old Central Connecticut State student behind the new video, first made international headlines in July when he posted a video of his “Flying Gun” DIY drone. The “Flying Gun” is just that — a UAV with a semi-automatic handgun attached, which is shown firing live rounds in the same wooded backyard as the new video.

Local authorities and the FAA investigated the July incident, but evidently no one is quite sure whether it’s technically illegal to strap a handgun — or a flamethrower — to a drone.

A few weeks after the July video was posted, Haughwout was arrested by local police in aseparate and equally confusing incident.

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One final weird twist: It appears that Haughwout is monetizing his viral video fame. The initial title screen and a logo in the corner of the new flamethrower clip suggest that the video was sponsored — by an outfit called, an online retailer that sells DIY drone kits.