China drone maker opens facility for training pilots

China drone maker opens facility for training pilots

It may be a while before drones are regularly used for deliveries. But professional drone pilots are in hot demand. And the world’s largest drone maker, China’s DJI, has opened its first drone-training arena outside of China.CCTV’s Jack Barton reports.

South Korea’s first drone arena opened last month by China’s drone manufacturing giant DJI.

It offers a 1400 square meter (15,000 square feet) controlled flying zone.

Most people who want to learn to fly a drone of course want to learn to fly one with a camera. Everything that the drone sees is projected on screens around the arena.

DJI hopes to launch more comprehensive flying courses for aspiring Unmanned Aerial Vehicle pilots by the start of October.

The arena is just another sign that Drone use is taking off across the region.

Some Asian countries are now catching up on the head start once enjoyed by the United States and Europe.

The South Korean government recently opened a drone park for the public and has been loosening drone regulations so that now any industry can use the technology.

It’s an exciting time for drone business owners like Oh Seung-hwan who’s remotely piloted disaster search missions abroad and at home.

A big bonus for companies and hobbyists alike is that drones have become increasingly easy to fly.