The most massive Chinese cargo drone made its first flight in Shaanxi province, located in the North-Western part of China. Information about this appeared Friday in the local media.

Drone AT200, which belongs to the joint development of certain institutions and research companies, successfully made its first flight, lasting 26 minutes, which advised the Institute thermophysical engineering. Most underground weight of the device reaches approximately 3.4 tons and the payload is 1.5 tons. It is noted that the UAV is considered one of the strongest in the civil cargo UAVs in all parts of the world.

The drone was developed on the basis of the aircraft General purpose P750XL. Its greatest speed is 313 kilometers per hour and the flight radius equals to 2183 km with flight ceiling of reaching 6,089 km Takeoff and landing lethal devices could be done in automatic mode with the condition that the distance run is 200 metres away. It is reported that the device may be for use in the role of freight transport in mountainous areas and in areas of the Islands in the country.