DJI opening drone arena in South Korea

 DJI will is opening a 4,500 square-foot drone arena in Yongin, South Korea, for drone enthusiasts to test their skills. Image courtesy DJI
YONGIN, South Korea, Aug. 1 (UPI) — Drone maker DJI will open a 4,500-square-foot drone arena in Yongin, South Korea, later this month, the company announced Monday.

The facility, located about 30 miles south of Seoul, will offer a safe environment or enthusiasts to learn how to fly their unmanned aerial vehicles, DJI said in a statement.

The DJI Arena will be equipped with safety nets, an adjustable LED-lit circuit for those wanting to test their skills, as well as an LCD TV for a more immersive experience that will offer a first-person view from a user’s drone.

The facility will also feature a maintenance room with charging docks and a work station for minor repairs.

DJI, whose drones are used for cinematography, among other civilian uses, wants the arena to make drones more accessible to the general population, the company said.

The arena also offers a venue for more advanced drone users and drone racing.