DJI Opens Drone Arena in South Korea for UAS Training (and fun)

What will DJI think of next? In a move that may serve as a template for accelerating consumer adoption of drones, DJI has opened a large arena outside of Seoul, South Korea where folks interested in learning about and flying drones can do so in a safe environment with instructors on hand.

In the description on Youtube channel DJI states that “Children depicted flying drones were under strict supervision of a parent or legal guardian on site.”

DJI describes it as follows:

“The 1,400 square meter DJI Arena offers both beginner and skilled pilots a safe and fun space for flying drones. It features an adjustable LED lit circuit for pilots who want to test their skills, LCD TVs that display an FPV of the drones’ view points, and a maintenance room equipped with charging docks and workstations for minor repairs.”

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