DJI’s latest drone leaks ahead of launch

DJI is supposed to announce a new drone tomorrow but this appears to be it. Called the Mavic Air, the small drone looks to be a combo of foldable Mavic Pro and the affordable Spark. I’m interested.

According to DroneDJ, the small drone will have four foldable legs, a 4k camera, 3-way gimbal and a obstacle-avoidance system. But what about the price and range? DJI will likely reveal those details at the event tomorrow morning.

This product seems to be what most people would want out of a small drone. The Spark, while one of the best inexpensive drones on the market, leaves a lot to be desired and this drone, the Mavic Air, seems to address most of them with foldable wings and 3-axis gimbal. Hopefully the Mavic Air is not a new product but a replacement for the Spark as the DJI product line is quickly getting muddled.

We’ll be onsite for whatever DJI ends up announces at its event tomorrow.