Don’t do this: Drone carrying electric razor gives a terrible haircut


Drones can just about do anything these days — take footage inside of erupting volcanoesplay with dogs and even deliver burritos as well as pizza to the hungry masses.

But there’s still one thing drones are still very bad at — giving humans good haircuts. In this viral video, posted on October 13, YouTube star Roman Atwood decided to put a drone’s haircut skills to the test and film the process for us all to watch in horror.

“We had a good time hooking hair clippers to a Phantom drone and attempting to cut Brittney’s cousin’s hair,” Atwood wrote on his YouTube page. The name of the receiver of this dangerous haircut is Caleb.

Flying a drone with electric clippers dangling haphazardly while positioning it close enough to cut someone’s hair isn’t easy, but Atwood manages to do just that in a couple of attempts. The haircut moment begins at the 7:40 mark of the video.

And by “cut someone’s hair,” it was really more like “banging electric clippers against someone’s hair.” The final haircut looks more like Caleb was a victim of a random razor attack rather than a Vidal Sassoon model.

Thank you Caleb, for sacrificing your hairstyle for a drone experiment and the entertainment of over 4 million YouTube viewers and counting.