Drone Maker DJI Reinvents the Selfie Stick With the Osmo

DJI, a company best known for its popular Phantom line of drones, is branching out in an unexpected direction: selfie sticks. Actually, the Osmo is a bit more than that: With a built-in swiveling 4K camera and sophisticated stabilization, it’s an all-purpose tool for people who want cinematic imagery but don’t want to spring for a serious DSLR or camcorder.

The Osmo shares a lot of DNA with the Phantom drones, actually — it uses a similar gimbal system for stabilizing footage shot from the air. On the ground, the system lets you shoot smooth footage at a variety of frame rates, or set it down to take a time lapse. And because the camera turns around (you can lock its orientation or adjust it with controls on the handle) the Osmo makes for a heck of a selfie stick as well.

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Your phone, via a companion app, acts as the camera’s display and provides more in-depth settings, connecting wirelessly up to 25 feet away.

The Osmo is certainly more expensive than your average selfie stick at $650, but you are getting a high-tech stabilization system and, of course, a 4K video camera in the deal (there are nicer camera heads you can swap in too, for a price). Osmo is available to buy now, but may have a delay before shipping.

From: http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/gadgets/drone-maker-dji-reinvents-selfie-stick-osmo-n441901