Drone USA Announces the Sales of Drones to a Fortune 500 Company

Drone USA, Inc. (OTC Markets: DRUS) (“Drone USA” or the “Company”), a drone reseller, drone service provider and distributor of products to the U.S. police and firemen, U.S. industry and the U.S. Government, announced the sale of 15 surveillance drones to a $120-billion Fortune 500 company.

Michael Bannon, Drone USA’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Part of our three-pronged approach to profitable growth is selling drones and counter-drone technology, drone operator training and licensed piloted drone services. This past week we received a purchase order for 15 surveillance drones from a Fortune 500 company. Just prior to receiving this purchase order. we received a purchase order for 10 drones from a small IT security company located in Texas. We set a goal to be everything drone to our police, fire fighters, U.S. Industry and our U.S. Government. We want to be their one-stop shop for all their drone needs. For example, we will help a police department set up a drone program, purchase the right drones, train their operators and, if needed, assist them with their drone missions. In addition to our direct drone sales approach, we anticipate our online drone store will be up and running by the end of this week. We are very excited about the future of the U.S. drone market and our ability to be a significant player in this market.”

About Drone USA, Inc.

Headquartered at 16 Hamilton Street, West Haven CT, Drone USA is a service provider, manufacturer and reseller of drones and distributor of products to the U.S. Government. Our competitive advantage stems from offering superior service, high quality products and establishing and maintaining life-long customer friendships. Our primary markets U.S. police, firemen, U.S. industry and the U.S. Government.

For additional information about Drone USA, please visit www.droneusainc.com.

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