Fan-Made Imperial Probe Droid Drone Brings The Empire Strikes Back Home

The vehicles and droids of the Star Wars universe lend themselves well to drones, but this is the first time that we’ve seen a drone turned into an Imperial Probe Droid from The Empire Strikes Back. With this thing flying around in the living room, “it’s a good bet that the Empire knows we’re here!”

A YouTube user calling himself ajw61185 posted a video of his homemade Imperial Probe Droid in flight, which is set to some of John William’s music from Empire. All it’s missing is the sound effect for the Probe’s Imperial signal. The drone’s creator even makes a cosplay cameo in the video as a Rebel riding a Tauntaun.

“This is a build I’ve had on the back burner for a while,” wrote ajw61185 in the video’s description. “It’s based on the same quad I used for the Falcon 9 build (the Blade Inductrix) and is built entirely from 3mm depron foam. The whole body weighs about 50g, and the drone flies reasonably well indoors. Landing is a bit of a challenge, but I made break away mounts for the legs, in case I miss a hand catch.”

The creator also noted that he only builds his Star Wars inspired drones for fun, so this is definitely not for sale. On his YouTube channel, he has posted several original Star Wars inspired drones. But we were particularly taken by his speeder bike drones, straight out of Return of the Jedi.


Check it out here: