Footage of a drone delivering beer in Hong Kong

Screenshot: Eli Kallison via Unilad

Recently, footage of a so-called “drone beer delivery service” has been shared widely on various social media platforms. The 56-second clip shows a can of beer dangling precariously from a drone as it flies over skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island and delivers its bounty to some lucky bloke on a rooftop. We’re more jealous that he has a rooftop, to be honest.

LA-based social strategist Eli Kallison first shared a gif of the juddering Asahi on Reddit, where it received hundreds of comments ranging from mild amusement to scathing criticism.

One of the top-voted comments reads, “I’d be so scared the harnass [sic] or whatever would malfunction and the can would drop back down to earth, strike some poor dude in the noggin, and then he’d hemorrhage and die. Just like a whoopsy murder ya know?”

Others agreed, with one commenter saying “You don’t think it’s an asshole move to fly this barely rigged death can over everyone’s head?”. Another person remarked, “Drone Douches are going to start getting more and more people killed doing dumb shit like this.”

Kallison, who goes by the handle “milkandrelish“, mostly left criticism unaddressed, and claimed elsewhere in the comments section that the drone was being flown by pilots.

Since then, the stunt has gained much more traction from being shared by popular Facebook page Unilad. Following its upload during the early hours of yesterday, the video has been shared and reacted to (the new “Like”, which doesn’t sound nearly as catchy) over 163,770 times.