GoPro will finally show off its Karma drone- date confirmed

GoPro has had an interesting year, scaling back on its workforce and product lineup and struggling to retain its position at the head of the action camera market.

GoPro will finally show off its Karma drone- date confirmed

Now it has a new Hero 5 camera on the way, and one of its most interesting products is back in the limelight. The Karma drone has been teased for a long time now, and it’s finally getting a full reveal this month.

Here’s the latest video.

That’s a pretty interesting way to introduce the drone, especially for a company like GoPro. There isn’t an extreme sport to be seen, with a quiet setting in a library. Instead you get to see the real camera prowess that will be possible with the drone.

It looks seriously nippy, not to mention very small if you consider the areas it manages to move through. That makes it seem like the concept has changed quite a bit since the bulkier model which we caught a glimpse of in 2015.

The image stabilisation looks spot on, and this is all shot on the older generation of GoPros. Colour us intrigued.

The full reveal is coming from GoPro on the 19th of September, we’ll have the details as soon as they’re available.