Hensoldt demos Xpeller counter-UAV system

Hensoldt has demonstrated the ability of its Xpeller counter-UAV system to protect critical infrastructure such as airfields at the Airbus airfield in Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Germany, the company announced on 6 December.

The Xpeller counter-UAV system uses a combination of radar, radio frequency, optical sensors and a targeted jammer to protect sites against incursions from rogue UAVs.

For the demonstration the system’s individual elements were positioned at the airfield to ensure optimum surveillance of the entire area. Xpeller was integrated into the airfield’s infrastructure, proving its compatibility with local systems. The system then reliably detected UAVs approaching from different directions.
Xpeller uses sensors to detect and identify a UAV at ranges of up to several kilometres. A jammer, using real-time signal analysis, then interrupts the link between UAV and its pilot, or interferes with the UAV’s navigation system.

The demonstration was carried out for observers from the police, industrial companies, airport operators and the armed forces.

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