How to score a top drone for its lowest price

Straight from CES 2017 and at better than Black Friday prices, if you’ve ever wanted a top HD camera drone, today is your day. In my continued quest to save you more cash than anyone else in the country, your savings are about to soar.

HD camera drones and quadcopters are the most requested tech toys on the market right now. While prices typically drop during the holiday season, winter flying conditions don’t make for the best timing. Thankfully, the prices I’ve just hunted down beat your holiday savings and the drone is beautiful!

Click the play button to watch my full drone unboxing and video tests not shown on TV.

Of the half dozen drones I tested this summer, the WIFI FPV by DBPOWER remains my top pick. Features include:

– Supports VR Headset flying
– Most durable drone in its price range
– Comes with spare battery to double your flying time
– Extremely fast ascent
– Captures solid HD video and photographs
– Performs fantastic 3D flips
– Smart remote works with optional smartphone integration
– Works with both Apple and Android Smartphones for flying (optional)
– First person view allows you to see what the drone sees in real time
– Gravity induction and headless flying mode
– Ideal for beginners or more advanced drone enthusiasts

$44 Off WIFI FPV Top Rated HD Camera Drone + Extra Battery + Free Shipping
Was: $140
Now: $96
**Please fly responsibly and abide by all regulations and flying requirements

Check it out here: