Measure, DJI partner for UAV innovation

Measure, DJI partner for UAV innovation

 Measure and DJI announced on 30 June that they will partner to offer UAS services for the commercial UAS industry.

The partnership will bring together DJI’s UAS and camera technology development and manufacturing capabilities with Measure’s UAS data services.

The companies will target customers looking to develop UAS operations in the fields of agriculture, energy, and media to meet business goals; such as operations spraying with DJI’s Agras MG-1 agricultural drone, or broadcasting live directly from a UAS to a newsroom.

Jan Gasparic, strategic partnerships and business development, DJI, said: ‘Measure’s application-specific pilot training and deep knowledge of flight regulation allows them to set the standard for commercial UAV operations in the field. We are looking forward to expanding our successful relationship with Measure, allowing more businesses to perform critical functions faster, safer, more efficiently and at a lower cost.’