New Orbiter 1K Loitering UAS Makes Debut

Aeronautics (Stand Q30) is exhibiting its growing family of Orbiter unmanned aerial systems (UAS) at the Singapore Airshow. The Israeli company is showing the Orbiter 2 and Orbiter 3, alongside the new Orbiter 1K loitering system, and is touting their operational flexibility based on their very small logistical footprint requirement and that they require just two or three personnel to operate.

The latest Orbiter 1K model can detect and destroy a moving or stationary target after scanning an area. The system, which can be assembled in 20 minutes, also has recovery capability that allows it to return to its base camp and land using a parachute and airbag. After a catapult launch, the aircraft can fly for two to three hours, carrying a multi-sensor camera with day and night channels.

The Orbiter 2 UAS can fly up to four hours and travel up to 80 km (50 miles). This catapult-launched system carries a multi-sensor camera with day and night channels as well as a laser pointer. The gyro-stabilized unit can be assembled in just 10 minutes.

The Orbiter 3 tactical UAS boasts an operational range of up to 100 km (62 miles) and up to seven hours of endurance. It has a triple sensor electro-optical/infrared payload with day and night channels, thermal image and a laser pointer. The unit is electrically-powered for silent, covert operations.

“We are pleased to participate and present our Orbiter family of UAS’s at the Singapore Airshow,” commented Aeronautics CEO Amos Mathan. “We recognize the importance of the Asian market and believe that our products are well fitted for this market.”