Review: DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone – is this upgrade worth it?

You’ve been considering buying a drone, but nowadays, there are just so many models and versions to choose from.

Just after releasing the DJI Spark this summer, a tiny drone with hand gestures, they’ve just recently released the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, an upgrade from its original Mavic Pro, known for its compact portable design.

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Sweetfactor: 8.5

DJI Mavic Pro is still the best value drone on the market in terms of size, weight, image quality. But DJI’s latest upgrade to the platinum is slightly better, in terms of battery life and noise pollution, but doesn’t warrant an upgrade if you already own one.

Turn ons

• Best value in its class

• Great picture quality and 4K video

• Ample flying time with excellent speed and handling

• Almost the same size as the DJI Spark when packed away, significantly smaller than

the Phantom series.

• Quieter than the basic model.

• DJI now has some custom ND Filters that slip on over the existing camera.

The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone is not a big enough improvement to warrant an upgrade, if you already own a Mavic Pro drone.
The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone is not a big enough improvement to warrant an upgrade, if you already own a Mavic Pro drone.

Turn offs:

• Not a big enough jump in features to warrant a Mavic Pro upgrade; get the quieter

propellers and an extra battery for the same money instead.

• Feels chunky in weight, not light compared with the Spark.

• Batteries do not charge simultaneously with the multi-charger (from the combo


• No hand gestures, although it’s really not that type of drone.

How small is it?

If you put the foam case of the DJI Spark and the Mavic Pro/Platinum folded up, there isn’t a huge difference, but remember that the Mavic Series is much heavier.

The Platinum and the standard Mavic Pro are almost identical with the exception of the higher capacity battery (a few minutes longer flight time) as well the motor and propellers. That’s it.

How about video and picture quality?

The Mavic Pro and the Platinum have the same camera, so you aren’t getting a bump up in anything there. If you are unfamiliar with the Mavic Pro in general, the video is a very good quality 4K video and with high-resolution images. Compared to the DJI Spark, you are going to notice a big difference. Compared to the bigger sized Phantom series, it’s hard to tell the difference.

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How about those hand gestures?

Give the Mavic Pro Platinum a wave, or any sort of hand signal, and it won’t budge from its position like a couch potato won’t get up to wash the dishes any time soon when you ask it to. Say goodbye to those cool hand gestures the little DJI Spark has.

Should I buy the combo package?

The bag holds the parts well, and it’s convenient to charge all the batteries at once (though they charge one after the other, rather than simultaneously). Part-time, frugal fliers might consider just the bag.

Should I upgrade my original Mavic Pro?

Definitely not. Buy a set of the quieter propellers and maybe an extra battery. Some reviews say the difference between the platinum and the original with the new propellers is about 2 decibels, which is almost nothing.

Should I buy the original Mavic Pro or the Platinum?

If you are looking to save some cash, try to find the Mavic Pro on discount during the Christmas and New Year holidays. If noise and flying time are a big factor (wedding videographers for example), get the Platinum.

Should I buy the DJI Spark or the Mavic Pro Series?

Novices who rarely use drones should buy the DJI Spark. If you are a techie, and into travelling, droning, and/or aerial photography/videography and size and weight matter, get the Mavic Pro. Right now it’s the best value in its line-up, weighing all those factors.

What about panache?

I was the first to buy the Platinum at the DJI Causeway Bay Flagship store, but alas, no new coloured one was available.

Mine looks exactly the same as the older Mavic Pro with the exception of the label “Platinum”.

The Mavic Series will also draw kids and fans of filmmaker Michael Bay when you transform your drone out of its bag.

All in all, heads will turn if you are flying one, but you’ll be hearing more from geeks, who will be asking you how much it cost and where you got it.

Should it be on my wish list?

The Mavic Pro is for the more serious user (hence the “Pro”) and the Platinum is the top version of it. So if you were already a techie, drone pilot, photography enthusiast, or hobbyist, then get one of the two. Otherwise some of this drone-related stuff will – literally – “fly over your head” literally.