Socionext delivers drone crash avoidance chip

The Radar Flight Control Module (RFCM) (pictured) is comprised of a single-chip 24GHz radar with range measurement software.

The radar responds acutely to its surroundings and can detect multiple objects, objects in open spaces, target distance and speed, and more.

The RFCM provides distance, warning and braking signals to the flight controller through a simple interface, allowing for integration on a wide range of drone products. When installed, the RFCM acts to prevent head-on collisions with everyday obstacles in the drone’s path.

“The two companies plan to continue working together to provide the best solutions for a wide range of aircraft systems used in commercial, surveillance and communication, mission critical, experimental and exploration applications,” says Socionext CMO Tautomu Nozaki.

The RFCM is available from Socionext in small, lightweight and low-power packages designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of small drones.