“MOIC represents another step forward in the development of IAI’s leading UAV capabilities,” says Joseph Weiss, IAI’s president and CEO. “This unique solution addresses the needs of the advanced battlefield and adheres to customer requirements.”

Through a modular layout MOIC allocates independent operational cells to different users, enabling optimal utilization of available assets. MOIC also has an integral exploitation center, command and control cell, satellite communications, data storage and support facilities, with the upper commander cell supervising all missions. The facility integrates a full mission trainer, supporting operator training and realistic exercises.

The all-inclusive headquarters generates an efficient mission flow, which includes command and control, planning and monitoring of mission performance, interpretation of offline and online sensor data, archiving raw and processed information, and reporting to high command. This mission flow provides a full operational picture of UAVs and maximizes the fleet throughput by allocating assets according to operational priorities; enhances coordination of UAV fleet and manned platforms; improves safety; protects ground assets; and saves manpower and resources by centralizing and automating operations and maintenance.