UAS emergency management course launched

Kansas State University and Kansas Wesleyan University are joining together to offer students two courses that will focus on the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in emergency management. The agreement between the two universities on 11 July means that those enrolled on Kansas State’s unmanned aircraft systems programme will be able to enrol on Kansas Wesleyan’s emergency management programme to gain a new minor, and vice versa.

The universities say that the arrangement will allow students in both situations to apply what they have been learning about in real-life emergency situations. Those minoring in the UAS course will learn to properly use UAS vehicles and analyse the data they collect, while students minoring in emergency management will learn how to use best assist emergency response teams during disasters.

“Many of our UAS students have ambitions of applying their operational skills in a way that is socially beneficial,” said Kansas State associate professor and UAS programme leader Michael Most. “Offering the emergency management minor allows them to further their career aspirations while making a contribution to those in need. We also are proud to share the multifaceted uses of UAS technology with KWU students to supplement and diversify their field of study by adding another tool to the emergency manager’s box.”